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Embody ACT & Behavioral Plasticity



Courses in English

Embodied ACT-processes will empower your ACT interventions and consolidate your own Self-care-practice. 


Kurser på svenska

Kurserna är för fysioterapeuter, arbetsterapeuter och psykoterapeuter som vill lära sig att integrera kroppsbaserad minfulness och ACT i sina interventioner.

Cursos en español

Integra el cuerpo y el movimiento mindful en tus sesiones de ACT y en tu autocuidado. Certificación trainer internacional.


Drawings by Deborah Kalmar, Buenos Aires, Argentina





Higher mortality and suicide amongst those with chronic conditions

When seeking care for some ‘bodily’ symptoms, we need to see the whole human being. Not only the physical pain, but also the mental and social.
Mortality and suicide are too high among those with physical AND mental non-communicable diseases and remains untreated!

Kursmaterial FT&AT

Denna sida är för dig som går och gått terminskursen ACTiveRehab för FT & AT.

ACTiveRehab ASSIGNMENTS for the Israeli Physiotherapy Association- Introductory workshop 2020

On this page, you will find the assignment- proposals during the weeks between the first workshop-session and the second on the 28th Dec 2020. You may want to check it often since I will be updating it week by week. If you want to get a newsletter with a notification...

Challenges of learning ACT

ACT requires skills, skills to make effective changes yourself before you can guide others in this path. while knowledge can be gathered in a book or a workshop, skills need daily practice and continuous support and supervision. In this blogg and article you will read about difficulties and barriers of learning ACT.

emBODyACT Introduction Online

Cultivate Self-Care and flexibility together with peer clinicians. The Behavioral Plasticity program starts with us upgrading ourselves towards a more self-compassionated, more anchored in our body, dynamic, and vital version."I loved the focus on embodying the ACT...

Process-based Educational model at ACT Institutet Sweden

the BEhavioral plasticity LEARNING MODEL ... the difference between a bridge of literature and the stepping stone of experiential learning is that you need to stop in every stone, and you dynamically change speed, length of the jump and the stop...In the stepping...

ACT for your wellbeing

The mental health of the healthcare professionals is a serious concern that need to be addressed. in this post we present some of the studies done with ACT in the area.

Online ACT resources

There are many useful ACT resurces online, videos, protocols, questionnaires. I list here those I find of highest quality from my amazing colleagues around the world.

Stepping Stones learning path

Learning emBODyACT, stepping stones where each stone creates a special space for you to learn and grow, where all the stones together open a novel, creative yet structured learning path from psychological flexibility to Behavioral Plasticity…