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Introduction to
& Behavioral Plasticity

Purpose of the emBODyACT introduction

This introductory workshop provides a fresh perspective on ACT processes and introduces novel approaches to emBODy ACT and embed these powerful mechanisms of changes in your practice.

It will also introduce the Profiles of Behavioral Plasticity, a fascinating and pragmatic way to understand behavioral patterns, and their relation to each of the processes of behavioral changes.

In these 3 hours, you will experience novel exercises that may change radically your and your clients’ lifestyle behaviors.

Let this workshop spark your creativity and inspire you to enrich your practice and daily life with body-centered techniques!

Intended learning outcomes

After this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of changes underlying ACT & the Behavioral Plasticity model
  • Experience and reflect upon the difference of talking about values and embodying values
  • Explore how to emBODyACT in your own self-care
  • Practice the emBODyACT feedback method with a peer
  • Explain Behavioral Plasticity and its difference with psychological flexibility
  • Identify the four basic Behavioral Plasticity Profiles

For whom is this mini-workshop?

This workshop as well as the whole Behavioral Plasticity program is for health care professionals. It is for the psychologist longing for integrating the body in the ACT interventions and for the physiotherapist and occupational therapist longing for a systematic and structured way to integrate ACT principles of effective behavioral changes into their interventions (without doing psychotherapy).

If you have never assisted to a workshop for Dr. Rovner and are thinking about taking some courses, it is important that you first take this introduction.

Course requirements

You have a degree and clinical certification in a healthcare profession. 

You need a computer with camera and mic, headsets, and good internet-connection. Te be able to be in a place where you will not be disturbed during the workshop.

It is also important to have the video on, so we all can see each other. If you are not comfortable with showing up in the video, please, contact me before registering (since the learning opportunity will not be as effective with no video). 


Find the dates below and choose the one that fits you.

Time and length

Choose the time that fits you below
Length: 3 hours


Live meeting via Zoom. Limited spots!


You can pay via PayPal when you register.

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