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the BEhavioral plasticity LEARNING MODEL

… the difference between a bridge of literature and the stepping stone of experiential learning is that you need to stop in every stone, and you dynamically change speed, length of the jump and the stop…

In the stepping stone learning, you will find a clear path with a new perspective in each stone with long-lasting results










…since not all stones will lead us somewhere, even if at a glance it looks beautiful and feels nice…

The Behavioral Plasticity Stepping stone Educational model. Why?

Learning Psychological Flexibility (the model underlying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT) is a path with not much guidance. My way was to participate in most of the World Conferences organized by the ACBS. A very expensive path that not only cost me the money I didn’t have, but also the small saving we had for our vacations.

Then, of course, I assisted to many other workshops, summer camps, and training. All of them offered a lot of experiences and learning, however in a very disorganized manner.
I am lucky that I have graduated in University learning and Education so I could systematize my knowledge and try to track my learning so I could understand what I needed to develop and embed my knowledge into practice. Still, many courses were not that useful for me.

As a physiotherapist and doctor in rehabilitation medicine, the “psychological” flexibility model was not enough. Something was missing. There are many other languages than the verbal that is central to health. Not only physical activity but also how we participate in daily life, how we use our body, how we recharge batteries physically, how we express ourselves with our lived body.

These last 15 years I have been working to develop a model that embodies the ACT underlying processes. The next step was to design a training that allows the health professional to learn and be able to apply the knowledge and skills in him/herself and others. 

In the video below you can learn about the program and how it is designed. 


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