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The Behavioral Plasticity  program strategy
A Stepping Stones ACTive learning method

The structure of the Behavioral plasticity program

The Behavioral Plasticity program is for health care professionals and consists of three blocks (the Personal, the Therapists, the Certified Trainer) starting with an introductory mini-workshop. It can be done in 1.5 to 2 years.

At the bottom, you find a video about the basic layout of the program  (opens in another tab).

Block #1: The Personal Behavioral Plasticity

How do we move from our heads to our hearts? How do we embed our knowledge so that it can become a self-care practice?

Embedding and embodying ACT in our own practice is the main theme of this first module, which is the starting point of building behavioral plasticity and improve your health as a health professional. This is the “self-care” module.

If you are a health care professional and do not need to help others to do any behavioral change, this block will be all you need for your own wellbeing and resilience at work. This can be done in one semester (20 weeks). However, if you aim to use ACT- principles with your patients and clients, then you can go further with the next block.

Block #2: Behavioral Plasticity Therapist Specialization

Now is time to embed the emBODyACT skills and create novel and powerful interventions!
You will learn about chronic conditions, neuroplasticity, and how to design and lead group interventions.  The specialization is on group interventions for individuals with chronic pain and trauma or both.
This block takes 1.5 semesters in order to ensure skills training and clinical implementation. It starts on Augusti 2021.

Block #3: Trainer Certification

In the certification level, you will gain the skills to lead the implementation of the Behavioral Plasticity model in your clinic as well as organizing courses, train, and supervise peers (one semester). It starts spring 2022.

This short video explains roughly the
Behavioral Plasticity Course plan

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Block #0:
Introductory workshop

Before you decide to start the program this workshop offers a complete overview of the Behavioral Plasticity program.

It is a smörgåbord of embodied ACT processes with breathing exercises, body awareness, and openness techniques that can directly be incorporated in your practice.

You will also learn about the different Behavioral Plasticity Patterns and how the processes underlying ACT can help each pattern to become more flexible and plastic in order to be able to change behaviors in a sustainable way.


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