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On this page, you will find the assignment- proposals during the weeks between the first workshop-session and the second on the 28th Dec 2020.
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The Behavioral Plasticity Profiles


Send a short summary of YOUR take- away from this article (max 10 lines in a word document) to act@graciela.se before the 22 Nov at 24:00.

In this article, you can see how the CPAQ-8 easily identifies different behavioral patterns clinically known as the Behavioral Plasticity Profiles. These in turn inform with precision which therapeutic process is needed and how to plan the intervention (that part is not in the article, is taught in the courses). In the discussion, you will find the parallel between these profiles and those groups found by a couple of qualitative studies done by my colleagues Biguet and  Pitelä as well as some profiles of mindfulness.
If you are not used to reading nerdy research, omit the methods and results, and have a lot into the intro and then the discussion.

being aware of being aware
This week, the main assignment is to be aware of how you become aware of others’ awareness. How can you see that your patients are aware, or self-aware and have good body-awareness? For example, do you pay attention to their to orient attention, to allocate it, to shift it, and end attention, or do can you see attention difficulties, their body awareness?
I invite you to observe this not by what others say, but by their body language and then write down your observations.


Send a short description of your observations (max 10 lines) to act@graciela.se before the 27 Nov at 24:00.

Reflections about the middle pillar: AWARENESS


Send your thoughs and reflections (max 10 lines in a word document) to act@graciela.se before the 4th Dec at 14:00.

1. Do you believe that the therapist’s awareness and insightfulness have an impact on the intervention and on the outcome? if yes, why and how? If no, why not?
2. Do you believe that the patient’s awareness and insightfulness have an impact on his or hers outcome? Explain why and how.