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About Me-

I am working on this page now!!

Hello! I’m Graciela

Doctor in Rehabilitation Medicine, Senior Pain Specialist Physiotherapist & the only physiotherapist ACT trainer, recognized by the international ACBS.

I am originally from Argentina and left in many countries: Italy, Brasil, France, the USA, and for many years in Sweden.

My specialization in pain and trauma has its roots in my own experience of emotional and psychological abuse at home. Due to my chronic pain and asthma, I was recommended not to do any physical activity since early childhood which was plain torture for me, a child that loved to climb trees and hang from the rings.

I started early with body awareness (Eutoni, Feldenkrais, expressive arts & dance) and with Tai chi and Qigong. I left in a Zen monastery and also with a Taoist community. I rehabilitated myself and at the age of 40, I started to run again, which has been forbidden (and still is if you see the x-rays of my knees).

My Approach & Values

As a clinician, supervisor and trainer I am passionate about inspiring each individual to grow in his or hers full potential.  

I approach my work as a creative process, I develop clinical models, novel teaching and learning techniques and compassionated supervision approaches.

I am dedicated to clinical research in small scale and the revenue from the courses uncut sustains this research.

Since 2019 i am not working clinically, which I miss. What I also miss much is to be able to work in a bottom up clinical setting, where the relevant professionals  can do the job we are skilled to, that is to help fellow travellers (patients and clients) to adapt healthy lifestyle behaviors to prevent and treat their chronic conditions (physical, mental and social ones). 

And by the way, even COVID has been handleded ONLY by behavioral changes!





My Experience

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Training and implementation of  ACT for the inter-professional team (Work Integrated learning)
  • Clinical development
  • Behavioral physiotherapy

My Education

  • PhD. In Rehabilitation Medicine (ACT and Pain)
  • MSc. in Organizational Psychology
  • MSc. in Physiotherapy
  • MSc. in Clinical Medical Sciences
  • Bsc. in all the above and in University Education
  • Peer Reviewed ACT trainer by ACBS – the only physiotherapist in the world 🤗

Contact Me

+46 (0) 709 74 37 77

Trälåsvägen 13 A- 426 68 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDA (Gothenburg) SWEDEN